Tell me your story

My true interest lies in people, the aging process, and the questions and answers that arise, as one looks back and reflects on a life lived.  Did we tell our full story while we lived?  Do we feel that we’ve held anything back, that we want to share, before it’s no longer possible?  What if we could do that through image and storytelling, for our loved ones and their descendants to reflect back on, whenever they wished?

Over the years, I've had the amazing opportunity to listen, photograph and help make stories come to life so they can be shared, enjoyed and passed on.  These living legacies grow, change and become precious opportunities to stay connected beyond this temporal life we live. 

The process can seem daunting and I want to change that. All we need to do is start. 


"My Brother saw the photo today.  I can't express the joy and wonder that we felt as I handed him my gift for his 77th birthday. 
My daughter will get your masterfull work next Saturday. 
Thank you so much for the beauty and joy that you bring to this world."