business portraitS

In today's world, you have less than 15 seconds to tell the story of your business. Imagine how much more information you can convey in that short time, if the first thing the viewer sees is a photo showing exactly what you offer? I can help you create those images.

"I'm looking for a compassionate photographer, could that be you?" This was the email I received from Girija of Health Initiatives.  Her mission is to help families eat more vegetables.  I was amazed and delighted by her breadth of knowledge.  Color and vibrancy were very important to her and by spending time together, her warmth and passion shined through in her images. 

How does it work? First we will have a conversation and begin to map out what your business 'looks' like.  Once I have a full understanding of your business, I will help you gather all the things you need to create a visual story. 

I love, love the pictures. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! It's very me, the whole thing and you've captured that beautifully.”
~ Girija, owner of Health Initiatives