Love your camera!

This Summer we planted a flower garden and they are blooming in the best possible way.  Our giant Day of the Dead Marigolds are so vibrant that I love taking photos of them!

To capture their rich color, I pay special attention to where the Sun's rays are hitting my camera.

Do you know what this is?


It's called a lens hood.  It helps shield your lens from the sun.  Have you ever noticed that some of your images look foggy? Or like they have a thin white film over the top? That's because the sun's rays hit your lens directly and creates a lens flare.  


Sometimes it creates a beautiful effect, like the star like rays above.  Other times it just makes it difficult to see your subject clearly and mutes the colors. If you use the lens hood or in this case, I used my hand to shield the sun from my iPhone lens, it creates a much cleaner, clearer image with brighter colors.  


And that's what I was going for with these beauties. 

If you have any questions send them my way! 

Let's get organized!

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to get those photos organized! Yes, it is possible.  The key is: don’t over think it.

Here we go. 

1.     Get out your calendar… go on. 

2.     Now open it up to February 1st. 

3.     Create an alarm to download all January photos. *Make sure you have the second alarm on too.  

4.     Check the repeat monthly option.

add new folder

Next, create a Favorites folder.  Choose 5-10 of your favorite photos from the download and throw them into your Favorites folder.  ONLY 5-10.  DONE! 

2015 Favorite Photo folder

If you have more time and want to create better descriptions for the downloaded photos, go for it.  But only 5-10 may go into the favorites folder. 

If you do this every month for a year, you’ll be ready to make those personalized cards, the snapshot book of 2015 or all those exciting projects you pushed aside last year because you were overwhelmed by the idea of culling 1000s of photos.

Let me know if this system works for you! Or share your favorite way to keep those photos organized.

Thanks for checking in!

Happy clicking,