Cameras, cameras and more cameras!

Choosing a new camera can be daunting.  There are about 50 bazillion choices and to consider them all would be overwhelming.  So let’s go with word of mouth, awesome reviews from trusted sources and the best deal.  If I were to buy a new camera this year this is what I would buy.

As a professional photographer:
Canon 5d mark iii – I’m madly in love with my mark ii and wouldn’t consider upgrading to anything other than the mark iii.  The mark iii has slow motion video, among a plethora of other awesome features. 

canon mark iii

Just a side note, the Nikon cameras are great too… their focus buttons make so much more sense than the focus wheel on the Canon. This is the one feature I would change pronto if I were designing the next Canon upgrade. 

To a mama who likes photography and wants to capture some interesting shots, like eyelashes and sleeping babes, have a little more control and enjoys lenses, 
I recommend the Canon EOS 7D.  It’s still pricey but I’ve heard great things about this guy and you can still get a great deal:

If I were to get a point and shoot, the Panasonic Lumix is my choice.  It has a gorgeous lens and it takes beautiful video.  Here’s a great option and it’s on sale!

Camera photos are from b&h photo video.  Since I’m recommending their products, I don’t think they’ll mind. 

Happy shopping!!